DSG Running

Divorce Support Group (DSG)




6:00 AM this Saturday.

Please consider either volunteering for a water station or recruit someone to help us out with a water station this year.  We need folks for the super long runs.  Below is the volunteer sign up url.  I'm volunteering for our 22 miler, but will need one more person.  We need two volunteers for the 22, 20, 18, and 16 milers.


August 27 - Mt Vernon to Old Town, through Rosslyn to Wolfe St - 18 miler

~ Head out of home base heading toward VA Route 27
~ Cut back (left) to Arlington Cemetery to pick up VA 110 Trail
~ Turn right onto VA 110 Trail to Iwo Jima
~ Follow path to Netherlands Carillon, turn right towards Iwo Jima
~ Go toward the left at Iwo Jima and go through parking lot until you get to the sidewalk on N Meade Street
~ Turn right on N Meade Street, crossing over Route 50
~ Follow sidewalk into Rosslyn, staying to the right to join with Lynn Street
~ Just AFTER Lee Hwy and BEFORE Key Bridge, turn right to access trail to Roosevelt Island
~ Follow trail to join with Mount Vernon Trail south (take left fork at wooden path)
~ Continue south on Mt Vernon Trail to Alexandria. You will pass Gravely Point, National Airport, and the Marina (keep the water (or airport) on your left and the parkway on your right)
~ As you near Old Town Alexandria, move to the sidewalk on Union Street by turning left on Pendleton Street and then right on Union Street
~ Continue on Union Street to Wolfe Street (a few blocks past King Street) ** bring money for Ben and Jerry's Cool **
~ Head back to home base

Known Restrooms: Iwo Jima, public establishments in Rosslyn, Gravely Point, Marina, public establishments in Old Town